Lets Watch: Spiderman Homecoming

Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter

Spiderman Homecoming is the first installment of a new Spiderman film franchise. Tom Holland, was casted to play the heroic, and humorous main character, Peter Parker.

Holland, who has already had “big screen” experiencein Marvel’s “Avengers: Civil War”. With Holland’s phenomenal performance in this movie, many have big expectations for Spiderman Homecoming which debuted in July.
At first, many were skeptical of the change in actor for Spiderman since former actor, Andrew Garfield only did two movies. He was a favored actor for many, but his acting in his last movie only received a 52 percent Rotten Tomato rating.
The movie received an overall rating on Rotten Tomatoes of 92 percent, which is very good. The movie grossed approximately 120 million dollars in its debut. With these numbers, the movie exceeded the expectations of movie critics and the creators.
Spiderman Homecoming revolves around Peter Parker, a curious, and humorous teen trying to balance his life while experimenting his superhero life.

Another task for Watts in this film was to cast a villain from the Spiderman comics that had never been put on the big screen. This is a grueling task since there had been five movies before his and the list of main foes was dwindling. But after investing his time with his team they decided that Michael Keaton would make a formidable Vulture.
This film has multiple subplots within it, connecting the movie back to several other Marvel films. This is normal for Marvel to trace back the films plot to older films and has hence put a monoply on it. All of Marvel’s recent films connect, meaning that all of the recent storylines are connected to the same universe. This creates a “spiderman” effect, connecting and crossing the storylines of each recent Marvel movie.

Spiderman Homecoming, just like the recent Marvel films, is no different. Tony Stark, Ironman and Steve Rogers, Captain America both star in this film. With these well-known superheroes within the new Spiderman movie, it only adds to the plot making it even more interesting and entertaining for viewers.

Spiderman homecoming is a very humurous and action-packed movie that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

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