Spirit Week: Showing spirit and making friends


Erik Hultgren, News Reporter

Homecoming week at MCHS included various changes that resulted in higher student participation than previous years.

The week began with the traditional spirit days in which students could dress up according to the theme of the day. This year, however, the students were not limited by their ‘“Dress for Success” uniforms. They could wear anything they wished as long as their outfit followed the guidelines of the theme. Millionaire Monday came first, followed by Tropical Tuesday, then USA Wednesday, followed by Sports Thursday, and the week finished up with the traditional Class Color Friday.

On Thursday, the annual Fall Class Olympics were held on the soccer field. A new game was added to the traditional line-up of Powder Puff Football, Ultimate Frisbee, and Tug-of-War. The game consisted of typical “mom-like” activities including carrying groceries and sweeping. The catch to the game was that four boys from each class had to participate in the relay while wearing a dress and heels. The game left the crowd in hysterics, but the seniors were able to win in the end.

After the games were finished, the very first school bonfire was held on the JV baseball field. A firefighter lit and oversaw the fire while students associated and danced to music. MCHS plans to host the bonfire again next year, and they may include food, a DJ, and burning of the homecoming rival’s jersey to encourage even more student participation.

The big finale to student activities ended with radio hosts of 92.3 invigorating the student body’s school spirit with music and dancing at the pep rally. The night ended with the crowning of Brittney Adams as homecoming queen and City winning the football game against Merrillville.

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