The Fight of Our Generation

Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter

The fight of the century some are calling it. UFC powerhouse Conor Mcgregor versus long time great boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. This fight is one many thought would only be seen in a video game. Mayweather retired after his last fight with a record of 49 wins and 0 losses (49-0). He came out of retirement to fight Mcgregor, who was much younger than him. Mayweather was 40 and Mcgregor was 29 at the time of the fight. This however was combated by the fact that Mcgregor was going out of his respective sport to fight Mayweather. Both of these fighters have been known as trash talkers and showmen, this carried over to this fight.

The world waited months to see this fight, which premiered on August 26. The fight took place at T-Mobile Area in Paradise, Nevada. This fight had a lot of hype surrounding it, this is because both fighters have come out of their respective comfort zones to fight. This fight was a huge money match, with each fighter bringing in nine figures. The purse was so high because of ticket sales and the one hundred dollar price tag attached to the pay-per-view fight. Mayweather brought in around 300 million, while Mcgregor brought in around 100 million.

Mayweather was the winner in 10th round by TKO. TKO means Technical Knockout, which is when the ref has to stop the fight. Mayweather overcame his old age to improve to 50-0. Mayweather had the experience over Mcgregor as he let Mcgregor get tired and then finished him in the later rounds. Some say this will be the biggest fight of the generation.

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