An influx of administrative strategies

Anna-Lisse Lenard, Reporter

Recently at Michigan City High School, administration has enforced school policies more than usual. Tardies and uniform violations are being restricted and proper disciplinary actions are being imposed. The goal is to cut down on rule-breaking and is a step towards making the school more successful.

The action started about a week ago. Teachers noticed many students still roaming the halls well after the bell rang, especially during passing period before eighth hour classes. Even after being told to hurry to class and being given warnings, there were still many students noticeably late.

To solve this, a new and improved tardy policy was set in place. The principals and other adults in the hallways are doing “tardy sweeps”, where if students are seen in the hallways without a valid pass at any point after the bell rings, they will be sent to the library for the remainder of the period. If a student has acquired more than six tardies, they will be suspended. Not only are teachers not supposed to write passes until ten minutes after the first bell rings, but also not ten minutes before the final bell. In addition, they are supposed to lock their doors.

Another recurring issue is uniform violations.  Starting Monday, there will be random uniform checks in classes. Things that will be most checked for are probably collars, skirt length, jeans, crocs, and hoodies. If students are caught out of dress code, they will most likely be sent to rec for the remainder of the day.

The intention is not to berate and bother students, but it is to get them to follow the schools rules. It is understandable that people slack on rules, but sometimes a bit of enforcement is needed to keep MCHS college and career ready.

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