Following procedure and staying safe

Reagan Lowry, Reporter

Monday night around 9 pm a 16 year old, freshman, Michigan City High School student escaped LaPorte County Juvenile Services Center and made his way to Michigan City. The student was thought to have been in possession of weapons. He was later taken into custody and found to be in possession of weapons and ammunition.

Tuesday afternoon before the student was in custody, schools that the student had attended were notified, as a precaution, placed under immediate lock down during 8th period. After school activities were also canceled. The administration handled the situation accordingly.  The students at Michigan City high school and other schools were dismissed early and increased police were placed to insure students safety at dismissal. MCPD Chief Mark Swistek confirmed an increased police presence of “about a dozen” officers at the school during this period. He added that other schools, such as Barker and Krueger middle schools and AK Smith Career Center, also received increased police presence. “We were simply being proactive in the safety of our children and our schools,” Swistek said to the News Dispatch. Swistek said that the student was in possession of weapons that were allegedly taken from a family members home on Elston Street. At around 11:50 am police were dispatched in response to a burglary report.

Later Tuesday night MCAS Superintendent Barbara Eason-Watkins thanked the Michigan City Police Department for keeping students safe at the district’s Administration Building for its regular monthly school board meeting.

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