Super hero poses and smiles

Emily Gushrowski, Feature Writer

A person standing with their legs spread apart, arms on hips and elbows bent displays the familiar “superhero pose”.  A superhero pose is known to project power.  Psychologists refer to a superhero pose having an open posture, which permits the arms and legs to spread out in a way that takes up more space.  Many psychological studies have demonstrated that open postures convey a sense of the individual having power.  This power is achieved simply by standing in “superhero position” for 2 minutes.  Students who have tried holding the pose have done better on tests, as they were able to take it confidently.

“I think it is worth trying before a test, but people might think it is weird,” said Junior Hannah Noveroske

Smiling has been proven to improve one’s mood and reduce stress, but it can also be another way for students to walk into a test positively.  The more a person smiles, the more they are able to change the thinking track of their brain from negative to positive thoughts.  These positive thoughts allow people to think more clearly and logically, especially in situations involving pressure.  Smiling releases hormones that produce positive feelings.  Bad test takers can improve their mind by smiling, allowing positiveness to flow, and they can become more optimistic.

Junior Evangelea Dabagia thinks “smiling could help promote a positive attitude.”

Students may want to try and use superhero poses and smiles to demonstrate self-confidence and positiveness before they take their next exam to make an attempt at succession.

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