Texas Church Massacre

Ani Falatovics, Reporter

The deadliest shooting in Texas history occurred just last Sunday on November 5th. 26-year-old gunman Devin Patrick Kelley open fired inside First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas killing at least 26 members while injuring 20 others who are still in critical condition. Several of the deceased victims were as young as 5 years old and included the 14 year old daughter of the pastor, Annabelle Pomeroy. “Nearly everyone had some type of injury.” stated the sheriff on Monday.

Kelley was reportedly seen at a gas station across the street from the church before getting out of his vehicle and entering the church. He later fled the scene in his vehicle while being pursued by two local residents, Johnnie Langendorff and another who is currently unknown, who had taken it upon themselves to chase after the gunman. The men exchanged shots at each other until Kelley crashed where he was found dead in his car. It is unclear if he had shot himself or if he was shot by the civilians in pursuit.

Police are still looking for Kelley’s motives. The only connections he had with the church were several in-laws who occasionally attended. As officials continue to dig up Kelley’s past they find that he has shown major warning signs of mental health concerns. He was caught smuggling guns into an Air Force base in an attempt to “carry out death threats” and was shortly after sent to a mental hospital in 2012 which he later escaped. He was convicted with beating his ex-wife and step-son as well as multiple charges for animal cruelty.

The Sutherland Springs community remains devastated by this tragedy. Their small town could be described as “a place where everyone knows everyone.” This unfortunate event will not be forgotten.

Photo courtesy of USA Today

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