Louisville sanctioned for the second time in two years

Erik Hultgren, News Reporter

As October comes to a close and the colder months of the year are finally upon us, fans of college sports have much to be excited about.
College basketball is beginning, and as is the case every year millions of fans will tune in to and show up to games in hopes of their respective teams qualifying for the annual spectacle that is March Madness. The road to the tournament is a long and grueling one to say the least, and only the strongest teams find success come the postseason.
Within the typical progression of a season there are several story lines that unfold, but this year one of the nation’s most storied programs has been put into the spotlight before the season has even begun. On Wednesday September twenty-seventh federal prosecutors accused two unnamed coaches of the Louisville Cardinals’ basketball team of using the program’s sponsorship money- accrued in an apparel deal with Adidas- to bribe recruits into playing for the team.
Although the coaches and players involved in the scandal were not named, Louisville’s controversial head coach Rick Pitino was let go by the program less than a day after the allegations were promulgated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This is not the first time that Louisville and Pitino have found themselves in the midst of a federal investigation, as the program was sanctioned last year for the alleged providing of prostitutes to its players and recruits.
The amount of money said to have been included in the bribe was $100,000, and was offered to a player only identified as Player-10. Despite the player not being directly named in the investigation, only one recruit matches the FBI’s description- a player “omitted to University-6 (Louisville) on or about June 3, 2017, ‘or almost immediately after the illicit bribe scheme.’” (The Courier-Journal)
That player is the former La Lumiere High School five-star recruit, Brian Bowen.

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