City football wins first football sectional


Nathan Jones

After a record setting 2016 football season, the Wolves are back and stronger than before coming out of the regular season with a record of 6-3 and undefeated at home. As the regular season came to an end, the Wolves began another playoff run. Last year the Wolves lost to the Mishawalka Cavemen in the sectional championship. This year the Wolves came out and beat Munster 28-14 in the first round and would play in another sectional championship game.  The Wolves had a rematch against the LaPorte Slicers after a controversial game during the regular season but this time for a sectional championship.

On November 11th, the Wolves and Slicers would faced off once again this time at home. Under the Friday night lights of a near sold out stadium, the Wolves played for the sectional championship. The Wolves started the game of by stopping the Slicers in three downs forcing them to punt. This set the tone for the game: the Wolves were determined to win the title. As the first half came to a close, the Wolves had shut out the Slicers 31-0. The Wolves defense was stopping the Slicers dangerous offense with ease. As the clock hit zero the Wolves beat the Slicers 38-10 and won the first football sectional championship in the history of Michigan City High School. The students stormed the field and celebrated with their team as the sectional trophy was presented to the captains. The Wolves celebrated by cheering and holding up the sectional trophy.

The Wolves are playing for the regional championship this Friday at Concord High School with hopes to continue making history for the school and the city. If the Wolves win this game, they have the possibility to play at home for semi state.


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