Team work at its best


Girls’ basketball poses with the custodians after finishing

Farrah Goodall, Editor in Chief

Last week, standardized testing filled the gymnasium and classrooms, here at MCHS, and one afternoon after a full day of testing the girls basketball team walked in to prepare for practice only to find the entire basketball court filled with tables and chairs still set up in preparation for the next day of testing.

Knowing that there was a boys basketball game that night, the girls were confused to as why the tables were still up. The head custodian came up and explained that they had all been so busy around the school that the custodian crew had not been able to take down the tables and chairs yet especially since school had only ended a few minutes prior to the girls entrance into the gym, but they would work as fast as possible so that the girls could practice before the boys’ game.

The Lady Wolves looked around at an entire gym full of obstacles, and took it upon themselves to help out. In their minds, they would get to practice faster, and they could not possibly see that amount of work and not pitch in. As the girls began picking stacking chairs and lifting tables, the track runners which happened to be conditioning upstairs came to the floor and helped too.

The experience not only became a huge help, but also showed that MCHS athletes know how to work together even off the “fields” of their respective events.

MCHS is proud to house such amazing athletes that express the qualities of a “Wolf” so well.

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