Athlete of the Issue: Molly Heath


Jennifer Winski Heath

Molly Heath dribbles a ball during a game

Megan Grams, Sports Editor

Senior, Molly Heath is a an athlete who not only pushes herself on the court, but in the classroom as well. Heath wears the title ‘student-athlete’ with pride. Her performance on the court is only a reflection of how well she does in the classroom. Heath is very active in the classroom, taking multiple AP courses. Off of the court, Heath is also an athletic trainer and participating in National Honor Society

Her dedication in the classroom is driven by her dream of furthering her academic career at the collegiate level. With her dedication in the classroom, Heath also plans on continuing her basketball career at a collegiate level. “In college, I plan to study nursing and to play basketball,” Heath said.

Heath’s motivation to become a better competitor on the court and to get the best results in the classroom has come from her family. “My family always pushes me to do the best in the classroom and on the court while also working hard to become better at everything I do,” Heath said.

Although her family motivates her, Heath’s other biggest motivator is herself. “I have always pushed myself to become a better player as each day goes on,” Heath said.

Her teammates have also been a huge motivation for Heath. “If I get better, even if it is only a little, it still helps my team, and that is all that matters,” said Heath.

Heath has been playing basketball since she was five and has been on the varsity team for three years. Her jersey number is 55.

Heath is a key player on the court for the Lady Wolves. As a captain, Heath holds several responsibilities and one of those is being a positive teammate. “Being a positive teammate is very important, because if we are down in a game and one of us stays positive, it motivates the team to keep going and to not give up,” Heath said.

Heath and the team all hope to bring home a sectional title and maybe a conference title this season. They want to become closer together on and off the court and show The Region that they are a force to be reckoned with. The team also wants to become closer as the season goes on to strengthen their chances at a long run in the post season.

Heath’s personal goals she hopes to achieve this season are to develop better skills on the court and to sign to a college before the end of the season.

Heath’s favorite memory is having pregame talks in the locker room.

Representing Michigan City has always brought pride to Heath. When the team wins a game, she hopes the crowd sees the passion that she and her teammates show while playing.

To prepare for the upcoming high school season, Heath dedicates her summers to playing travel basketball. She plays for the travel team called MBA. Her team travels throughout Indiana and even participates in tournaments out of state.

Playing travel throughout the summer keeps her in shape and helps improve her game. Not only does playing travel help Heath improve her physical and mental game, but it also exposes Heath to college coaches, increasing her chances of achieving her childhood dream of playing basketball in college.
Not only has Heath seen tremendous improvement over the years because of her participation in travel and varsity basketball, but she also had a once in a lifetime experience the summer of her Junior year. Heath was invited to play overseas in Italy, representing the United States.

While she was overseas playing basketball, Heath gained even more knowledge about the game and became a better leader and teammate. “This opportunity was a once in a lifetime thing. I met so many new people of different ethnicities and it overall made me a better basketball player,” Heath said.
Throughout her academic and athletic career, she has been inspired by her mom to strive for greatness. “My Mom has always been a huge part of my life and has continuously inspired me throughout the years. I am so grateful for her,” Heath said.

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