The New Tesla Car and Semi

Nathan Jones, Reporter

On November 16 Elon Musk and his partners unveiled their new semi truck that is all electric the first of its kind. This wasn’t a surprise after many teasers and lacks from Tesla in the past months. The base price for the semi is 150,000 dollars and will be able to drive 300 miles on one charge and the numbers grown as the price grows. Tesla boasts it to be the safest truck ever made due to the fact it has auto pilot and a center drivers position. This is an idea buy for drink companies like Pepsi because their trucks drive short distances and this would be ideal for an electric semi because the charging is free and convenient. Tesla plans to put its chargers at all truck stops across America that can give 300 miles in a 30 minute charge. The semi is supposed to be ready and on the highways in the next year and a half. This was thought to be the end of the event but Elon Musk had one more thing to show off, The Tesla roadster Tesla’s first supercar. This came as a total surprise for everyone since this has been a very secret project. The roadster can go upwards of 250 miles per hour and a 0-60 time in 1.9 seconds. This is all due to Tesla’s new batteries that can hold more power than any other car battery on the market at this time. The roadster has a base price of 250,000 dollars. These details are the only details that were released to the public there is more to come later as the launch date approaches.

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