Star Wars the Last Jedi

Nathan Jones, Reporter

Star Wars the Last Jedi came out on Friday December 15th 2017 for most people. On the Thursday day there is the first showing across the country at 7 at night. For many die hard fans of the franchise this is the first of many viewings they will have. The box office numbers are in and the movie made 45 million dollars in the first showing of the movie. This is 12 million dollars short of the last movie Star Wars the force awakens in 2015. With all of the characters returning from the past movies this it has the possibility to become a classic like all of the movies in the past have been. These new movies are coming out now since Disney bought the rights to the Star Wars franchise and is now continuing the saga with three more movies this being the second of the three. Disney is also making movies about some of the main characters back stories. In may of 2018 the Han Solo spinoff will come out and this is the first of a character centered movie from the Star Wars franchise. For many fans of the original movies this a time to experience their childhood again 30 years later with the release of these new movies.

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