Student of the Month


Senior, Madison Laux

Farrah Goodall, Editor in Chief

Madison Laux, a senior here at MCHS, has dreams of being a clinical psychologist in the future and is working hard both in the school and the community to make sure she exceeds expectations in life.
She is involved in several clubs including: Steering Committee, National Honor Society, Foreign Language Honor Society, German Club, the LGBTA club, Art Club, she plays for the girls’ tennis team while also volunteering outside of school and working a part-time job at Carter’s in the Light House Mall.
Laux maintains a 4.2 GPA on a weighted scale and shares her secret by saying, “It really is all about time management and going for help whenever needed. Getting involved was one of the best decisions I made because it opened up more opportunities for me and also helped me form bonds with new people.”
MCHS has helped Laux find her passions in life by giving her options and the right teachers to push Laux to her potential.
She said, “MCHS has allowed me to explore my interests and capabilities by making it possible to challenge myself with a diverse course load. One of the many great teachers I have come across is Mrs. Deanna Ehrhardt. She balances her job of teaching alongside of continuing her degrees and keeping her hobby of art alive in her free time. Art is something I always want to be a part of, and it helps knowing it is possible.”
Laux plans on attending DePaul University for her undergrad and continue her education till she reaches her PHD and achieves her long-term career goals.

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