“13” the Musical


Reagan Lowry, Reporter

Making its debut at MCHS on November 17, 2017, 13. The play ran for the entire weekend, with performances on Friday and Saturday at 7 pm and on Sunday at 2 pm.

13, is an original musical with music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown and book by Dan Elish and Robert Horn. The play was about young twelve-year-old Evan Goldman, played by freshman Josiah Miller, is soon to have his Bar Mitzvah, and he wants his party to be absolutely amazing, but that might not happen because his parents are splitting up, his father starts to fall in love with a stewardess. His life seems like it full of possibilities until Evan is forced to move with his mom from New York City to Appleton, a small town in Indiana.

Once there, Evan finds a friend in his neighbor, Patrice, played by Senior, Emma Vacari who develops a small crush on Evan while telling him how Appleton, Indiana is (“The Lamest Place in the World”). Later that month Evan meets Brett Sampson, played by Thomas Mizer, the most popular boy in school. Evan wants to get Brett to come to his Bar Mitzvah, if Brett goes he believes that that would get everyone to go. If Evan can’t get the coolest kids to come to his bar mitzvah, he doesn’t how is he going to survive the school year, not to mention, the rest of his life.

Evan has to navigate the world of cool kids and nerds, cheerleaders and jocks, first kisses and heartbreaks, he comes to learn and understand “What it Means to be a Friend.” The musical deals with the hardships of leaving familiar places to go to unfamiliar ones, fitting in with your peers, and the transition from youth to adulthood.
Junior, Chloe Knoll-Schadt who worked backstage on the play, who was one of many that helped bring it all together, said, “the theatre department is a family. No matter the show, the cast size, whether you’re in crew or on stage, we are a family. We truly bring life to the school.”

The theatre department worked intensely for months. The students in the cast and in production spent countless hours practicing during the school week and many Saturdays on the stage crew. The auditions started in mid September, and worked on the show everyday except Friday and Sunday’s. Senior, Lauren Werner an awarded Thespian at MCHS played the character of Cassie in the musical. Werner has been involved in the theatre department all four years of her high school career.
Werner said, “I’ve participated in every single show at MCHS that I could since I was a freshman. When I started high school, I didn’t know anyone here. I had just moved from the northern Chicago suburbs the night before freshman orientation, so theatre was a natural way for me to get involved and meet people. Theatre allows students to find I don’t think my high school experience would have been as amazing as it’s been if it wasn’t for this incredible department. I hope everyone comes out to see the play in the spring too!”

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