Big Names Miss World Cup

Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter


The World Cup is one of the biggest stage in soccer, teams await the 4 year gap to get a shot at proving they are the best team in the world. This big event happens once every four years, just as the Olympics do. It is not part of the Olympics however, it is a whole separate event.

Teams from around the world string together the best players from their respective countries for a shot at the World Cup. USA has been in the World Cup every single time since 1986, eight in a row. They have always been a good competitor, but it all changed a few months ago. The US men’s soccer team will not participate in the 2018 World Cup because they missed the cut.

The young team lost a qualifier game against Trinidad and Tobago to seal their fate. Many of the players, along with the fans, were very upset and emotional because of this. The coach of the team, Bruce Arena, has already resigned and the team is looking to replace him. Not only did the US miss the cut, but another team that surprisingly didn’t make the cut is Italy. This may be even more surprising than the US because Italy’s national team has always been a big threat.

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