Nightmare Before Christmas

Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter

December has come, so many are in the Christmas spirit. There are many good movies that have come out recently about Christmas, but this is the classic known as the Nightmare Before Christmas. This is an instant Christmas classic and has been cherished by prominent critics since its 1993 release.

The movie is a cartoon and is calibrated with none other than Tim Burton. Burton is famous for his strange films and quirky manners that are within them. The movie is of the special variety because it combines to holidays that a person usually would not group together.

Those two holidays are Halloween and Christmas. Jack the Pumpkin King is the main character of the story who is basically the king of the Halloween world. He stumbles across doors that go to other worlds that represent other holidays. As some may see, the creepy creatures of Halloween would not likely have a positive impact upon a merry, cheerful Christmas scene.

The two world’s (Halloween and Christmas) then begin to mix and clash, with Christmas taking the beating. A villain tries to tip the scale of power and overpower Jack. Jack has to outlast and defeat this villain to save not only Christmas, but Halloween as well.  This movie is viewed by some as one of the best animated christmas movies ever made. It is a great family selection as well as a good choice for adults.

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