MCHS Attends Health Fair

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On October 29th, the Teen Health Fair took place in MCHS’s gym and auditorium. This event is a community collaboration that increases student’s knowledge about risky behaviors and health issues. There were guests from Laporte County to Chicago.

At the fair, there were free prizes, games, candy, and tons of information about local resources in Indiana. The Teen Health Fair was split into two groups. Freshmen and sophomores went in the auditorium and started out with a fifty minute performance, STAND UP!

The actors performed multiple scenes, each one talking about teen statistics and how they need to be changed.

During the performance, students learned statistics about teen pregnancy, drugs and alcohol, bullying and family problems.

The main message was to stand up for yourself and don’t let these situations define who you are.

Sophomore, Lauren Skeen said, “I think it went really well and it was very beneficial to students.”

At this time, juniors and seniors were in the gymnasium.

Here, students received a paper and as they went around to each table they got a stamp. Once they got the paper completely stamped they put it in a box. Later students who got their name pulled out of the box received a prize. Students got to walk around to different tables and learn information about colleges, drugs, bullying, and teen statistics.

In the gym students had the opportunity to gain information from various substance abuse centers. They talked about stress, violence, tobacco, bullying, peer pressure, self-harm, teen pregnancy, and much more.

Each of the tables had diagrams filled with details, as well as hands-on activities, about these health related issues.

Junior, Emily Ray said, “It was very well organized and I liked the variety of booths!”

The Teen Health Fair gave students at MCHS a mass of information and gave them the chance to be aware of all the places they can go to for help and how they can stand up to risky behaviors.



  • 1 out of 3 teens experience bullying
  • You are 32x more likely to crash while texting
  • 1 out of 4 students will be involved in a hate crime at their school
  • The number of young adults in prison has risen nearly 20,000. The majority are disavantaged minority men
  • 3 out of 10 teen girls will become pregnant
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