Coping with loss

Dalin McCully, Feature Editor

Many in today’s world endure loss in some way throughout the course of their lives. When the loss of a loved one, a home, a friend, or any other aspect of one’s life comes about, it is often difficult for that individual to carry on with the strength necessary to endure. However, there are practical ways to manage grief and cope with loss.

Many who have never lost a person in death often times find themselves lost and do not know what or who to turn to for comfort. Experts say that the first step in coping is the acceptance of whatever was taken away. After this an individual may experience feelings such as anger, frustration, and sadness.

Granted it is not an easy task to lose a loved one there are practical steps that can be taken to manage the grief.

Seeking out caring people, those who may have experienced similar circumstances or were directly affected by the same affliction may be a viable support group. School Counselors, church members, and family members are sure to provide encouragement and support.

Gradually working ones way back into their normal life schedule will allow them to focus on more on their activities and less of the pain they may be enduring. It does take additional effort to return to a normal routine, so one must give themselves an ample amount of time to adjust until they are in their normal mindset once again.

Engaging in a sport, exercising, writing poetry, or playing a musical instrument are all ways in which a person can express their feelings. Doing so may take their mind off of their stresses, and instead, convert their energy in joyful tasks.

When a person loses a loved one in death, it is important and helpful to primarily focus on their life and the positive experiences shared with them. In this way, one will be able to live their lives in remembrance of the other individual.

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