ABC club helps create awareness


Erik Stevenson

ABC Club’s Mural

“The Anti-Bullying Club was started to form a student support system in Michigan City High School,” says President Erik Stevenson.
Stevenson created the club last year after realizing the major problem surrounding bullying. This club is often referred to as the ABC club, which is an abbreviation for the Anti-Bullying Club .

In honor of October’s Anti-Bullying month the ABC Club created a mural to help create awareness and will be placed somewhere in the high school.                The mural is currently in the process of being approved and hopefully will be set up soon somewhere in the high school.

Bullying is a huge issue that is happening all over the United States. According to the National Education Association, “approximately 160,000 children miss school because of bullies every day. Another study reports that teachers say they see bullying happen and put a stop to it about 75% of the time. However kids say teachers actually recognize bullying and put a stop to it 25% of the time.

Art by Noah Dombrowsky
Art by Noah Dombrowsky

The numbers don’t just stop there. According to DoSomething.Org over 3.2 million students are bullied each year, while 56% of students watch bullying happen at their school.
These statistics can be shocking. However some people may not know that bullying can occur at many different ages. Not only when someone is a teenager but also as an adult or young child.

There are also many different types of bullying. Specifically there are four different categories of bullying: covert, cyber, physical, and verbal. These groups include a range of topics including injuring a person or their property, name calling, teasing, insults, spreading rumors, gossiping, trying to ruin a person’s reputation, or exclusion.
Bullying has been a huge headline in news stories all over the country lately.

There are constantly stories that involve bullying and the effects it leaves on people. Cyber bullying is something that people have become more aware of recently. Through all of the social media sites it has become easier and easier to say mean comments or insult others.
Through some of these social media sites someone can comment on something anonymously and say something without anyone knowing it was really that person.

Approximately 52% of people say they were cyber bullied according to StatisticBrain.Com
Bullying can be hurtful, that is why everyone should try his or her best to prevent it.
As for the ABC club if anyone would like to join the club they are always accepting members. The club’s sponsor is Miss Arnett, and the ABC club’s next meeting will be announced soon.

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