In memory of Jake Litherland: a light in MCHS’ hearts


Megan Grams, Sports Editor

“He [Jake] was such a goofy person. He was such a fun person to be around,” Senior and cousin, Jessica Delgado comments on how Jake was as a person. Jake Litherland was a very well-known person around the high school and if someone  were to ask a student around the school, chances are they would recall him as a very smiley and funny person. Litherland touched the hearts of many at MCHS, especially with his boisterous personality and contagious smile.

Several of his close friends looked back on how Jake had the ability to always make them smile or laugh, no matter the circumstances they endured. “Jake could always make me smile whether it was by cracking random jokes or teasing me about something,” Junior, Tori Wilson said.

Litherland was widely known for being an art student. “Jake was always so silly but he was hard working even between all of his jokes. He was also really helpful to everyone and anyone who needed it.” Junior, Gabrielle Renteria says. She also recounts a moment he made especially memorable when the art students visited Chicago at The Bean. 

Litherland was very close with his family and has left a positive impact in all of their lives. His father, Brian Litherland, looked back on the days he and his son spent working on cars, “He [Jake] loved his cars. We worked on a black ‘67 Volkswagen beetle that he named ‘Voodoo Child’. He picked out the beetle and everything to do to that car and we did it, from fat tires to red tires to a long tail pipe, Jake was just ‘gung ho volkswagen.’ I’m getting another beetle and we’re going to make a ‘Jake car.’”

Jake teaching his younger sister how to sand a car. Photo credit: Brian Litherland

Jake’s sisters often times laugh looking back on some of the memories they shared with their brother, “There was one day when I picked up Jake from Mel’s house (his biological mother) and our thing was driving around for hours, but my favorite was going down to the beach talking until the sun went down. This is my favorite memory because it was just us there talking about nonsense or talking seriously,” older sister, Sydney says.

Jake’s other sister Shelbie had trouble to pick just one memory to recall about her brother. She says, There was this one time when we went to Indiana Beach for Riley’s (his youngest sister) birthday during the summer. I’ll never forget when we went on the skycoaster and Jake almost pulled the cord too soon.”

Jake’s youngest sister Riley and himself shared a multitude of joyful memories with each other. The two often played video games and board games together, building their bond as brother and sister. “Jake would always help her with homework and he would let her help when fixing cars. Jake was the best brother Riley could possibly ask for,” Jake’s mom, Julie commented. The Litherland Family often reflects on remembering the relationship he and his sister shared. 

Jake’s cousin Jessica Delgado also recounts her favorite memory, “All of my time spent with Jake was my favorite, but one of my favorite memories was a night where we were having a bonfire and Riley, Julie, Jake, Brian, and I were making s’mores but as soon as everyone else went to bed Jake and I started throwing flaming marshmallows at each other and they ended up all over the house, the garage, and the ground. The next morning the dogs went outside and ate them all. We got in so much trouble for it but we couldn’t stop laughing about it.”

Jake and cousin, Jessica enjoy New Year’s Eve together.

Many would say that a dog is a man’s best friend, and this was true of Jake and his beloved dog, Boomer. Family members always laugh looking back on how much Jake loved his dog; they were known as “the two goofballs in the household.”

Jake sits with his dog, Boomer. Photo credit: Julie Ann

Jake had lived a memorable life of 17 years and many here at MCHS were a small fraction of his playful and serious moments. Although Jake Litherland is no longer in this world, students and family members will live to remember the goofy and boisterous young man that had positively impacted those around him.

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