Incorporating Wolf Wear into Dress Code

Farrah Goodall, Editor in Chief

Dress code, as unfortunate as it can be, is necessary for high school students as it prepares them for future careers in which they will have to follow rules in order to stay employed, but that does not mean that the dress code cannot have a permanent flexibility at MCHS in the form of Wolf wear.

As a senior, I have collected an entire drawer full of Wolf wear, if not more. I have shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, etc. showcasing the different things I have been involved in at MCHS whether it is sports, clubs, volunteer events, or just random activities.

Everything that I have participated in and everyone I have met because of those events has been influential in crafting a memorable  high school experience.

When I wear any piece of clothing with “Wolves” on it or the name of the club I am a part of, I am proud to represent my school as a whole as well as my individual accomplishments here at MCHS.

A slight loophole to the dress code is already in place and  comes in the form of “Wolf Wear Fridays.”

On these days, students get to wear Wolf wear tops with our bottom half of our outfits remaining in “Dress for Success.”

One day though, could never be enough to show-off all of my Wolf wear clothing or properly express how proud I am to be an active member in the extracurriculars provided to me.

A proposed idea that has been floating around within the student body is to allow “Wolf Wear” everyday.

This would give us all a chance to wear our decorated Wolf clothing while also showing school pride.

A few of my favorite weeks throughout my time here has been spirit weeks.

I love to dress up and participate in the festivities of that week. Throughout those weeks I find myself looking forward to school.

Why not give students the chance to feel that same pride and excitement, if they choose to, all year long?

I believe that allowing students to have the options to wear Wolf wear all year long will not only limit the amount of students missing out on their classes due to dress code violations, but will  also inspire students to stay involved in their respective events while also encouraging others to join.


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