Athlete of the Issue: David Taylor II

Photo Credit: Ideas in Motion

Photo Credit: Ideas in Motion

Megan Grams, Sports Editor

Senior, David Taylor II has been wrestling since he was five, and before he reached high school, he often attended training camps in the Summer, keeping him in shape and interested in the sport. His love for the sport and representing MCHS on the mat is shown through his hard work that he puts in every season, whether they be in season or not.
Taylor does not plan on furthering his academic career in college after high school. However, he has big plans for when he enlists for the Air Force. Taylor plans on pursuing a career dealing with aircraft and flight after finishing basic training. Accomplishing this goal will not be easy, however being a student-athlete has taught Taylor quite a few things. “Being a student-athlete has gifted me a sense of focus,” Taylor says. “This will be especially helpful in my future career and the goals I set for myself.”

With goals comes motivation and for Taylor, that motivation comes from his teammates, especially the younger ones. “As a senior, I am one of the leaders on the team,” Taylor comments. “I have to set an example for the underclassmen of what is expected.” Others that have pushed Taylor throughout the years would be his coaches, “They all have been an inspiration to me and have helped me become the wrestler I am today,” Taylor says. Coaches have played a humongous role in every athletes lives, and Taylor comments that the coaches are always there if the student-athlete needs it.

These two impacts on his athletic and academic career at MCHS, have really brought into perspective what it means to be a student-athlete, “You are not just going to school for yourself and you are not trying to perform well for yourself. You are doing everything in school and on the mat for your team.”

Preparing for the offseason, Taylor and other teammates worked together to get themselves ready for the up-and-coming season. Whether it would be working out, working on new moves to try on the mat, traveling to camps, or competing against other local wrestlers. This past summer, Taylor and a few other teammates traveled to Missouri to attend a camp called, Purler, there they worked with multiple instructors, polishing fundamentals and picking up new moves to try in the 2017-2018 season.

The goals set this season were like any other athlete’s: make it to state. Taylor made it past Sectionals and was onto Regionals. However, he drew a rough seed and lost in the last ten seconds to his opponent from Crown Point, 3-2. However Taylor has tremendous four seasons at MCHS, growing each season and picking up new things. “You cannot deny another athlete’s talent because anyone can win on any given day,” Taylor reflects on the tough loss.

Taylor’s dedication to the team and becoming a better student-athlete is remarkable. Outside of high school wrestling, Taylor begins training for off-season tournaments. There has been no quit and there has been a continuous drive to become better not just on the mat, but in the classroom as well. This drive to become better at everything is noticeable in the outcomes of his hard work these past four years.

To say Taylor was a successful athlete in the tough DAC conference is putting it lightly. He is a two-time Sectional champion, has qualified for Regionals four times, qualified for Semi State twice, has won the DAC Tournament this season, and is the three-time MVP for his team.

Reflecting on his wrestling career at MCHS, Taylor talks about his favorite memory, “During DAC, I trusted myself and used a move that I was previously told would not work,” Taylor says, “I ended up winning that match.”

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