Team work makes the dream work


The team poses after the State Finals.

Megan Grams, Sports Editor

This season has been quite successful and exciting for the Lady Wolves bowling team. From finishing first through third at almost all of their tournaments and postseason appearances to winning the Lakeshore Conference for the first time in over a decade. The success this year for this dynamic team has blown away any other girls bowling team in the past years of being established at MCHS.

Heading into the 2017-2018 season, the Girls’ bowling team had big goals and high expectations for the team. Returning four Seniors, 2 Juniors, and 1 Sophomore, the team was stocked with talent from the past seasons. Before the season had even started competition, the Wolves had found themselves third on the teams to watch for this season. This gave the team a confidence boost heading into the first tournament of the season.

The team had started their season off with a bang, capturing the Big Cat Classic Tournament title. The Wolves, throughout the season, seldom saw themselves with a finish below third. However, if they were to have a bad showing, they would come back stronger due to their dedication to grow and get better as a team.

However, the team really reached its peak early in the season, suffering a loss in a smaller tournament. The team lead by over 200 pins, but lost in the championship, “After that moment, the entire attitude of the team changed,” head coach, Jerry Keppen commented, “that moment changed our season for the better.”

One of the biggest components in the team’s success this season and previous seasons, is the team’s dynamic and bond. “Our team consisted of 7 sisters and that was our advantage against other teams,” senior, Hannah Baltzell commented. Head coach, Jerry Keppen commented on two specific situations this season that really highlighted the ‘family vibe’ the team had this season, “We had a team dinner this season that really lifted, Jessica Delgado’s spirits after suffering a family loss and we had Megan Grams miss cut for Semi State by five pins, the girls stuck by both of their sides when they needed it the most and picked them up, that is what makes us such a strong team.”

Always trust your team. They are there for a reason.”

— Senior Jessica Delgado

This bond that the team shares shows when performing on the lanes. It does not matter if someone misses a spare or is having a bad day, the team is always there supporting, and picking each other up. Throughout postseason, this lifted them up to the state finals and lead them to a runner-up finish. The dynamic on the lanes is remarkable. When people walk into a tournament or a postseason showing, they know MCHS is there. The team’s loud and boisterous cheers and pure love for the game show at every outing and this was ultimately another key factor lifting them to the state finals.

This dynamic and incredible bond they had, showed at the state finals; this is where they left everything they had on the lanes. The oil pattern played out in favor of the Wolves, giving them a lot of room to work with. This showed, especially starting off competition with the high game of the day, 233. Of course, like any team, they ran into some low games, but quickly bounced back with another high 200 game. The excitement and focus never wavered. The team was on a mission: make it to the final match.

And that they did. The Wolves qualified first, leading by over 200 pins, automatically making the livestream championship match. When the match finally came, they were matched up with the well-known and exciting rival: Portage. The two teams met often throughout regular season and postseason play, but the ultimate match was this one. Unfortunately, the Wolves fell short 13 pins to the title, but the team could not be any prouder.

The past four years that the girls’ team has been growing until now, has exceeded the expectations from onlookers and opponents. “Looking back at freshman year, it is a crazy difference,” senior Caselle Pavlack comments, “this year, we exceeded all of the expectations that were set for us.”

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