Indiana Legalizes Alcohol Sales on Sunday

Reagan Lowry, Reporter

For the first time in Indiana’s history the sales of Alcohol on Sundays are now legal. This ban on alcohol being sold on Sundays has been in place since Indiana first became a state in 1816. Last Wednesday, February 28th, Indiana Governor, Eric Holcomb made history. Holcomb signed in into law a repeal of Indiana’s unpopular ban on the sales of alcohol on Sundays being illegal.

At the signing ceremony held in his Statehouse office at 1 pm, Governor Eric Holcomb put his signature to Senate Bill 1, which now allows alcohol to be sold at any grocery, convenience, drug and liquor store on Sundays from noon to 8pm. The governor’s signature put an immediate end to the former law. The ceremony was live streamed on the Governors facebook page.  

Since 2002 now 17 states, including indiana, have joined the list of allowing alcohol sales on Sunday. The other states are Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington. While 11 states still prohibit the sale of Spirits on Sundays, Indiana was the only state that also prohibited the sale of wine and beer, unless it was bought from a winery or brewery .

Indiana Retail Council President, Grant Mohohan, said to Fox59 news that Indiana was losing “at least $12 million a year because of customers who cross state borders to buy alcohol on Sunday.”  This new repeal shows promise for Indiana’s future in hopes to more bring money back into the state.

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