MCHS’ March for Change

Reagan Lowry, Reporter

Recently school safety and gun reform/control has been taking over social media and flooding news outlets. Students are taking it upon themselves and they are demanding a change. Students are tired of living in constant fear for just attending school, attending a concert, or as simple as just living their own lives. An issue that should not be common, mass shootings, are now making a debut all over the United States, and the youth are not happy. This generation refuses to stand by and allow tragedies like this to continue.

Students, young adults, teachers, parents, many people are pushing for change. Many are taking it to the street and rallying, there has been numerous protest like events held outside schools and State offices. This generation will be the change that the other generations weren’t capable of doing.

March 14, 2018, Michigan City High School students and staff are participating in a rally for change. The student leader community has come together and they have planned an event held at Michigan City High School. Local Political leaders will be attending this event and addressing the questions and concerns students have for them to feel safe again. Asking what our school system and political leaders have done and are planning to do make sure events like a school shooting never happens here at MCHS. The student leader community has named this event  “March for Change” and defined it as a “demonstration of student unity to bring awareness to school shooting and discuss the need for improved safety measures through legislative and personal action.”

Senior Kelsey Pearson at Michigan City High School is on the committee that planned this event, “On behalf of the student body, we believe that there needs to be changes done. We need to feel safe going to school and shouldn’t even have to think that a school shooting would happen to us. This is why we’re doing this, we refuse to be another statistic. We are demanding change and I believe we are going to get there since we have the help of our school administration by our side.”

MCHS will be running on a two hour delay schedule the day of the event to still ensure students have time in the classroom and time rallying for a change.  

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