Buttons vs. Zippers

Erik Hultgren, News Reporter

According to the website of Michigan City Area Schools, the “Goals of the ‘Dress for Success’ program include building school spirit, emphasizing academics, and fostering a sense of pride among students.”
The dress code enforced throughout Michigan City High School is fairly simple and easy to follow. Students are allowed a variety of options and while they are limited in what they wear, most students still manage to express themselves within the confines of dress for success.
For the most part, dress for success has accomplished its goals, but there are some exceptions and rules that do need clarifying. For years it seems, the school has continuously changed its position on the issue of collars.
One thing is known for sure: a student must have a collar on in order to be considered “in dress code”. What the students need to know however is which collars are allowed.
It is said by some teachers and administrators that quarter-zip sweaters must be worn with a collar under them, despite the fact that they already have a collar. Whether or not this is a rule has yet to be clarified by MCAS.
One of the key differences between the tops that are allowed and the ones that sometimes are not is the presence of a zipper rather than a set of buttons. Sweaters with buttons and a collar are not seen as being out of dress code, while those that have zippers instead seemingly are.
This discrimination is something that the student body has been left very confused by. After all, buttons and zippers literally do serve the exact same function, just in a different manner.
Several students have been taken out of class, and even sent home due to the vagueness of this collar policy. This directly goes against one of the major goals of Dress for success: “emphasizing academics.”
Regardless of the administration’s position on this issue, students need clarity on what they are and what they are not allowed to wear to school.

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