A look at what is coming up for Michigan City

Economic Development Corporation

Farrah Goodall, Editor in Chief

The Economic Development Corporation in Michigan City (EDCMC) is working very hard to improve the standard of living in Michigan City with the help of the schools, the business community, and all the involved citizens of Michigan City.

The EDCMC at its core is a nonprofit organization that creates strategies to create jobs within Michigan City as well as attract investors to start new projects to improve MC as a whole.

Clarence L. Hulse, the executive director of EDCMC, has worked here in MC since 2013. He said, “In the beginning, no lie, the task of improving MC was daunting and even a little scary. The downtown was all boarded up, but there has been significant improvements since then including the Arts District which now features 120 new apartments, 20 new “Mom and Pop” restaurants in the downtown area, and there is a lot more in store for Michigan City.”

In the last two years, Silver Birch, an assisted senior living residency, has been established in Michigan City, the new hospital is being built, and other businesses have joined MC including Sonic, O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, and Hampton Inn and Suites.

In two weeks, a Holiday Inn will be announced near the new hospital. A new coffee shop will be opening June 1st, and Popeyes is looking to reopen a new location. Also, this week the bidding on the site where the old police station was located will be finalized. Three companies are hoping for their chance to develop the area into a hotel and mix use businesses.

In addition to all that, the city is looking to expand its borders by annexing 500 acres in order to build 2 or 3 new subdivisions in the next five years which will be a huge accomplishment considering no new subdivision style homes have been built in Michigan City in the last 25 years. The goal is create nice homes at reasonable prices so people are encouraged to purchase a home, live in Michigan City, and send their children through the school systems. This ends up being a win-win situation because those children will be eligible for the Promise Scholarship and Michigan City will be a stronger community because people are staying and living within it.

One of the biggest projects on the to-do list is the event plaza for downtown MC. There will be open-to-the-public meetings this summer for citizens to give their input on what should be featured at the plaza. Some ideas circulating now is ice skating and ice bumper cars in the winter, theatre plays in the summer, and other shows throughout the year.

In cooperation with the school systems, EDCMC will be sponsoring two busses this fall to the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago. At this show, students will be able to see first hand the broad range of manufacturing and understand that it is all not the stereotypical assembly line type of work. Essentially, a spot can be found for anyone in the manufacturing world. Hopefully, with this exposure, students that are not interested in college directly after high school will be encouraged to stick around to fill a similar job opening, and students that do go off to college will come back and invest in the working community of Michigan City.

¨Michigan City for the lack of a better slogan is really ‘on the rise’,” said Clarence Hulse. “People that plan on leaving Michigan City and never coming back have not done their homework. Michigan city has great assets to work with including the waterfront, the industrial background, the tourist season, and most importantly the diversity. Michigan City has everything to offer and just needs people to keep improving it and making it a vibrant and welcoming place to live.”

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