Study hacks for final exams

Emily Gushrowski, Feature Writer

There are many study hacks that students can do to help improve their memory capabilities before an exam.  Their brain will be able to remember the information quicker and easier, resulting in better test scores.  The night before an exam, it is important to get a good night’s rest.  A minimum of eight hours of sleep is strongly suggested. Avoiding caffeine starting at noon the day before the test will allow the student to be tired enough to go to bed early.

Although students may think they need to stay up late to study, if they study for too long, their brain is more likely to get information confused.  Studying a little the night before the test, and going to sleep immediately after, helps the brain retain more information.

Students can also exercise to promote better test scores.  Dr. Chuck Hillman of the University of Illinois provides evidence that about 20 minutes of exercising before an exam can improve a student’s performance.  In a quiet place and alone, a student should try reading out loud.  Studying the information out loud provides the student with 50% more of a chance to remember the information as opposed to simply reading it over and over in the head.

While reading from a textbook, students can reward themselves by placing a type of candy at the end of each paragraph.  Once they have completed reading the paragraph, students receive their candy reward and have a motivation to keep studying.  For those students who like to chew gum, chewing the same type of gum while studying, and when taking the test, promotes the brain’s ability to remember the information studied.

If students take these study hacks into consideration, they will see growth in their exam scores.

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