Lake Michigan is the place to be

Reagan Lowry, Feature Reporter

As summer is starting the people of Michigan City are preparing to head down to the beach. Lake Michigan is surrounded by miles of shoreline and world famous dunes. In the summer the beaches are lined with not only locals but also tourists from around the nation. The beach is the main hub in Michigan City, where everyone can enjoy a relaxing day in the sand.

The Michigan City beach is also home to the East Pierhead Lighthouse and catwalk. Many like to take strolls around the lighthouse and take in its beauty to the full extent.

Lake Michigan is also full of beautiful wildlife, making the lake a great fishing spot.   Many people even like to fish right off of the pier!

The beauty of the beach cannot be described in words and being able to watch the sunset on the warm sand is a very popular thing that locals like to do. A few words that are commonly used to describe the view of the sunset on the lake are “breathtaking” and ”mesmerizing”.

On clear days the city of  Chicago is visible from right across the lake. Which makes the beach a scenic and exciting place to visit.

Families can also enjoy the zoo which is located right next to the beach.  

Megan Mullins a senior at MCHS said “The beach is my happy spot. It is where I spend my whole summer when I am not working. Having sand between my toes and the sun on my face takes away all the stress I have in my daily life. I feel blessed to be surrounded by these beautiful beaches.”

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