What to do over the summer in MC

Reagan Lowry, Feature Reporter

Living in a small town like Michigan City you may find yourself bored over the summer and feel like your options to do things are limited. However, there is plenty to do if you’re looking in the right places.

Michigan City is home to a fantastic public beach that tons of people from all over come to enjoy.

Are you an outdoors person? If so, the Indiana Dunes offers a 3 dunes challenge where you and your friends can challenge each other to climb the three largest sand dunes at the Indiana Sand Dunes State park. It is a 1.5 mile challenge trail where you can climb 552 vertical feet.

If the outdoors isn’t your forte Michigan City has plenty of restaurants with great reviews. Downtown Franklin Street is an upcoming area, along the strip there are a lot of different kinds of restaurants. Want Mexican? There is Mucho Mas.  Is Japanese your thing? Hokkaido has the best sushi around. Throughout Michigan City you can find a ton of different but delicious places to chow down. Craving ice cream? Bubbles Ice Cream Parlor is a family owned business where you can treat yourself to delicious ice cream and festive sundaes. If you’ve had Bubbles and want to switch it up a bit you can always visit the family owned business, Cabos, at Cabos they actually make their own ice cream as well as wonderful authentic Mexican food.

If you’re still bored and wanna get out of Michigan City for a day and you’re up to it, Michigan City has two South Shore train stops, you can jump on a train and ride it into downtown Chicago and spend the day wandering around the Windy City and visiting a lot of tourist areas.

Michigan City has a lot to offer even if you are just passing through. Feel free to stop for awhile and take in this fantastic city as summer rolls into town. You will not regret it!

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