School shootings, a new part of American Life?

Dalin McCully, Feature Editor

In 2018, the average American can turn on their television, unlock their smartphone, or listen to a broadcast on the radio. Each of which spread news and information to the public, however, the heartbreaking occurrence of hearing about a recent school shooting continues to fall on the ears of millions of Americans.

According to there have been 23 school shootings to date in 2018. During each of these shootings, students and school staff were injured or killed.

The most devastating shootings resulting in the most amount of bloodshed include the Parkland, Florida shooting(17 people killed) and the Santa Fe, Texas shooting(as many as 10 killed).

The most recent school shooting occurred in the Hoosier State in Noblesville, some two and a half hours away from Michigan City. To put this in perspective, many graduating seniors’ colleges are in similar proximity regarding travel time. At least two people were injured when a gunman opened fire at a Noblesville West Middle School, however countless more individuals will continue to suffer from the grief and loss they have been forced to endure.

The prevalence of these shootings has prompted constituents and students in respective states to demand their respective  representatives and senators to take action in passing legislation regarding safe gun laws. The NRA’s strength in their endorsement of various politicians and public support has recently deflected in any major bills from being passed.

President Trump has previously stated to the public his support for arming teachers, a seemingly beneficial prospect in the eyes of some individuals. However, according to, in March of this year a student was injured when a teacher accidentally fired a gun during a safety lesson.

The debate on how to confront the issue of gun violence and school shootings has been ongoing. Millennial students have played their part in exercising their right to protest and speak freely about the issue.

Millions of students around the country participated in a school walk-out, parented by the “March For Our Lives”demonstration which was carried out in the nation’s capital on March 24, 2018. Various celebrities participated in the demonstration to raise awareness, and keynote speakers and survivors of the Parkland shooting, Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, sparked sentiment in the hearts of millions of Americans. For them and the survivors of other harsh acts of gun violence in schools, their institution for learning has increasingly become a grounds for slaughter and bloodshed.

The prevalence of these acts of violence prompts an alarming question in the minds of politicians and citizen’s alike, “Are these shootings a new part of American Life?”

Due to political conflict there has been no clear answer to this question, neither sensible legislation proposed to properly regulate the handling of arms or measures to ensure the safety of America’s next generation in their schools.

So are these events a normal part of American life?

As of now, the answer remains unclear.




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