My Last Days At MCHS

Nathan Jones

After 4 years

that started out slow, in the

blink of an eye high school is

coming to an end. It all seems

like a blur looking back on the

time that has  own by. One

minute I was in a mad rush to

my new classes and be on

time for the  rest day trying to

convince Mrs. Meyer to give

me one more aid hour in the

last semester. Freshmen year

I wanted to be at school  over

minutes before the  rest bell,

and here I am senior year trying

to get into class  five seconds

before the last bell.

point where I had to convince

myself to do all my homework

at night.  is year I only had

four classes and to me that was

almost too much to handle.

To any underclassmen my best

advice would be get all your

classes you need to graduate

done and receive those credits

in your  rest three years.

en, your senior year will be

a breeze. Especially if you have

Mrs. Chastain and hangout

in her class most of the day

as her favorite aid. In all this

spare time you can sit and play

Fortnite during class. As long

as my stories were placed Mrs.

In the end high school started

o a bit boring, but turned out

to be a fun and great experience

that I will always remember.


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