MCHS presents Godspell


Jordan Mann

The community depicts a parable about two brothers.

Richer Huynh, Feature Reporter

On Friday, November 22nd, the theatre department will open their fall musical, Godspell.

The show is the first of the high school’s productions to be directed by new theatre instructor and director, Mrs. JuliAnn Rogers.

“I’m really excited about directing here at MCHS, but also a little nervous. Any time you are doing something new in a new place, there are going to be bumps in the road. Thankfully, I have an amazing cast and we are moving steadily along. Godspell is turning out to be great experience, and hopefully it’s just the beginning for me,” said Rogers.

Godspell is a musical essentially structured as a series of lessons and parables conducted by Jesus and the his new followers. It consists of the stories and lessons that Jesus preached during his time with a modern and comical twist.

“Although it seems like the main focus of Godspell would be to spread the word about Jesus, that is not wholly true.

Godspell is similar in structure to Greek Mythology. It is meant, like the stories of Greek gods and such, to be enjoyable and not to preach a specific religion,” said cast member Jessa Cawthron.

The cast sits down for a read-through of the script.
The cast sits down for a read-through of the script.

The show stars senior Cristian Galvan as Jesus and junior Sam Rohrman as Judas. The show also consists of an ensemble cast consisting of seniors Charles Bentley, Jessa Cawthron, Madison Ream, Sam Sobieski, juniors Elizabeth Davis, Richer Huynh, Mikayla Jordan, Rebecca La Follette, sophomores Logan Jones, Victoria Myhand, freshmen Julia Wahl and Elizabeth Werner, and a specialized dancing ensemble consisting of Auja’Nae Green, Ra Shaunda Ridle, Carlos Bucio, Jose Mota, and Ricardo Mazo.

For the ensemble cast, instead of using traditional character names, the characters are called by the actor’s actual name. This way, many characters are double-casted. This means that two or more actors share the same character.

“I was really surprised, to be honest. I didn’t expect a role at all, even as ensemble. I thought there were a lot of upperclassmen that deserved it more than I did. But I’m very glad and grateful to be in the show and can’t wait for us to open,” said Werner.

“Being Jesus in the show is quite difficult.  He is a very dynamic character, and serves as the moral compass for the entire show.  It’s a huge weight on my shoulders, but I’m confident I can pull it off,” said Galvan.

Godspell Poster
Designed by Rebecca La Follette

The vocals are directed by the choral instructor, Mrs. Michelle Howisen,

and the numbers are choreographed by Abagael Schmidt.

Mrs. Rogers’ advanced theatre class is working to produce and market the show. Examples of their work include designing the poster, creating promotional videos for the morning announcements and social networking websites, and contacting publishers and establishments for advertising opportunities.

Seniors Charles Bentley and Jessa Cawthron have high expectations for their last high school musical productions.

“I feel very sad that this will be my last musical. Coming in at freshman year and being in every show since then really makes me want this show to succeed in all ways possible. So why not go out with a bang? I feel as if this show will be an amazing thing to watch. Every scene will capture you in a world of wonderment and emotion,” said Bentley.

“It’s bittersweet. It’s always bittersweet. The work you put into something great and the time you take to perfect everything for a show is never done justice by the three short performances that you put on at the end of it all. Godspell is going to be an amazing experience come opening weekend. It is the most humorous show I’ve ever had the joy of working on and I believe it is going to be a fulfilling end to my high school career involving musical productions,” said Cawthron.

The show opens on November 22nd weekend and plays through to the 24th.  Friday and Saturday’s shows start at 7:00PM, and Sunday’s show starts at 2:00PM. Tickets are $7 for adults, and $5 for students, senior citizens and those who wish to purchase pre-sale tickets.

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