MCHS Boys Soccer


The MCHS Boys Soccer Team officially started their season back in August. It’s said that the boys have been having a progressive season so far. What most people love about this team in particular is their positive attitudes toward soccer. Soccer is the game they love to play, and they never let hard competition get in the way of that. Behind the scenes, the two coaches, Coach Biehl and Coach Harris, continue to work the boys hard at practice and provide pristine coaching and support. To lead the team, the coaches elected three captains this year, Riley Shreve (Senior), RIley Buckler (Senior), and Nathan Stevenson (Junior). To obtain the captain title, they worked hard for years on the MCHS boys soccer team, got along well with other players, carried a positive attitude with them on the field, and helped guide their fellow teammates. Also, being a captain has a good effect on the players and their leadership skills. Captain, Riley Shreve (Senior) says, “Being a captain has been a really good learning experience for me. I like leading a group of men with a common goal, and that goal is complete on a nightly basis.”



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