Urinetown the musical

The cast performs

The cast performs “Mr. Cladwell”

Emily Gushrowski, Feature Reporter

The Michigan City High School Drama Club presented Urinetown The Musical during the second weekend of November.

Senior Evangelea Dabagia thought “the performance was hilarious” and had an awesome group of students that pulled off the roles very well. Urinetown featured a Gotham-like city with a terrible water shortage that was caused by a 20-year drought. The drought provoked the government to enforce a ban on private toilets. Since citizens of Urinetown were forced into paying the UGC to use public amenities, a hero decided to revolt and plan a revolution to lead the citizens of Urinetown to freedom. In the beginning of Act 1, the cast performed Urinetown and Privilege to Pee. Senior Jenna Dawson played the part of Ms. Pennywise and also choreographed the entire show. Despite getting her wisdom teeth removed a couple weeks prior to the musical’s debut, Dawson embodied her role of Ms. Pennywise and successfully sang her challenging solos throughout the performance.

“It was hard to prepare for this, because the music was hard, and I also had to choreograph. I did a lot of choreography prep and worked with lines and my songs to prepare,” said Dawson.

Act 2 featured characters Bobby Strong, played by Freshman Isabelle Eaton and Hope Cladwell, played by Senior Bailee Laux struggling for the truth behind UGC and Urinetown while leading citizens to their freedom. The entire show featured flashing lights and fog. Junior Jed Ottersen (Officer Lockstock) and Senior Trinity Clayton (Little Sally) played characters that narrated elements of the musical. Dabagia said her favorite character was Little Sally, because she loves when characters break the fourth wall and she loves “Trinity and her amazing voice.” Dabagia’s favorite part was “Jed’s body roll while making intense eye contact.”

Senior Julia Miller student directed/technical directed the performance, with the help of teacher at MCHS and sponsor of the Drama Club, Mr. Puetzer.  The Drama Club performs a musical each fall followed by a spring play. “I like musicals more, because they have bigger casts, and they are easier to follow backstage,” Dawson added.

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