Athlete of the Issue: Meghan Miller

Megan Grams, Sports Editor

Senior, Meghan Miller is a student-athlete who really pushes herself to perform well in both aspects of the student-athlete title. Miller works relentlessly to perfect her skills in both gymnastics and track and field, while also hitting the books every week, balancing several challenging courses. Besides athletics, Miller also participates in National Honor Society, Diversity Club, and Early College Club.

Miller hopes all of her hard work she puts in towards her academics in high school will translate into her college endeavors. With her love for learning and her natural ability to want to succeed at anything she does, Miller hopes this attitude will help her at the college level.  “I want to attend PNW and study Elementary Education,” Miller said.

For Miller, her motivation for school and athletics stems from trying to be the best version of herself. She is willing to put in the extra work and the extra hours to reach that best version of herself.  “I have just kept in mind that I want to be the best person I can be,” Miller stated. She not only works more to achieve her goals, she also works extra to also help her peers in her classes by maintaining a positive outlook during school.

Like most student-athletes at MCHS, time management is vital for balancing extracurriculars and school. “Not being distracted during class and using my time wisely, has helped a lot in managing school and sports,” Miller said. Taking advantage of the class time teachers give and during your work when it is given, is important when doing multiple extracurriculars.

Miller has been doing gymnastics since she was six, and has continued to progress and compete all throughout her high school career. It was not until Freshman year that she joined track and field and started pole vaulting. However, due to an injury freshman year, she was out her Sophomore year. For these two athletic seasons, Miller is working hard towards achieving her personal bests and helping her teammates do the same.

Representing MCHS on both an athletic and academic spectrum was described as, “a privilege and an honor” by Miller. “The coaches and staff have helped me more than I could have asked for,” Miller explains. She also explains that representing Michigan City is something she will always do, even after college.

Overall, for Miller being very involved within her school’s clubs, and athletics has helped her in ways that will help her later in life. Miller commented, “Being so active and involved throughout my high school career has helped me take on more responsibilities, and has helped prepare me for any challenges I will meet later in life,”

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