Top grossing holiday movies

Holiday season is around the corner, so grab a bag of popcorn, and a box of candy, because it is time to break down the top 3 grossing holiday movies of all time.

Starting at number one, is the 20th Century Fox movie Home Alone. Racking in a monstrous $285.76 million in the United States, $476.68 million worldwide, this movie takes the crown as best performed, and favorite in terms of movie theater experience.

Home Alone was released on November 16, 1990, sticking around until February 1, 1991.

The movie is about an 8 year-old kid named Kevin McCallister (played by Macaulay Culkin) who is left by himself the night before a family trip to Paris for the holidays.

During dinner, Kevin fights his brother named Buzz. This causes his mother to send him off into the darkness of the attic and contemplate on his actions. Kevin wishes he did not have a family and they all would just disappear.

Kevin certainly got his wish, as everyone one of his family members “vanished”.

McCallister does not hesitate to take advantage of his situation. Eating ice cream, riding a sled down the stairs, and watching movies he usually would not, all stop when he hears two robbers by the names of Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern) try entering his home.

Kevin has some fun with these two by rigging his home, inside and out, full of traps to fend of the seasonal burglars.

Home Alone is rated PG, a movie available for all ages.

Coming in hot at number 2 is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Universal Studios made $260.04 million from the United States alone, for a grand total of $345 million. In the process it received an Academy Award for Best Makeup.

The main character, played by Jim Carrey, was created by the widely known author Dr Seuss.  

This Christmas classic is about a fictional character, the Grinch, who despises Christmas. He, alongside his dog Max, venture out into Whoville to remove all of the gifts and presents from the Whos.

However, something changes the way he feels about Christmas.

Find out what that is and much more in this rated PG movie!

Finally, coming in at number 3 is The Polar Express, produced by New Line Cinema.

This film made its way into the 2006 Guinness Book of World Records for the first all digital movie with three Oscars.

It made $183.37 million, $306.85 worldwide.

In the movie, a little boy does not believe in Santa Claus because he has never heard sleigh bells.  

Then, on Christmas Eve, a train stops in front of his house. The conductor asks if he would like to join them on a ride to the North Pole. At first the boy denies the offer, but changes his mind just as the train pulls off.

Watch the rated PG movie to find out how the boy’s perception of Santa changes, and the multiple adventures along the way!


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