Let’s Watch- Venom


Gavin Buchanan, Newspaper

The movie that will be discussed in this article is Sony’s new movie “Venom”. This is a unique pull by Sony Studios to pull a popular villain from Marvel comics and shape him into this antihero. This movie follows young photographer Eddie Brock as he struggles through his everyday life until stumbles upon an alien entity called a “symbiote”. This transformed Brock into a ravenous half-alien, half-human villain named Venom. Brock/Venom then proceeds to clean up the streets in an unlawful manner. Definitely not like your average Marvel superhero. Venom has been around in comics as one of Spider Man’s main foes, almost as long as Spider Man has been.

In this new film however, Venom is portrayed as somewhat of an antihero. This comes with the new wave of young audiences craving movies with an antihero at the center of the plot. Movies such as Deadpool, or Pirates of the Caribbean, have the main character being a character that is a hero, but succeeds at this in villainous ways. Sony is trying to create a blockbuster hit using this new, effective formula. Many critics and audiences were pushing Sony to create the film and make it rated-R. Although it has not been rated yet, the film was thought to be Sony’s first R-rated superhero film. After further investigation, this is not probable because Sony might also try to tie Spider Man into this universe and Spider Man films are usually not rated-R.

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