Captain Marvel crushing expectations

Megan Grams, Sports Editor

Captain Marvel has been a long anticipated movie for some fans since her comics were released and for others, since the end credit scene in Avengers: Infinity War. Ever since the end credit scene last year during Infinity War, many fans had speculated that Marvel would bring Carol Danvers to the big screen.

In this scene, Nick Fury and Maria Hill are affected by Thanos’ snap, but before Fury was completely dusted, he dropped a pager that showed Captain Marvel’s symbol. Since then, many fans have conjured up several theories concerning Carol Danvers’ role in Avengers: Endgame.

After watching Captain Marvel, it was confirmed in the first of the two end credit scenes, that Carol Danvers will have an important role with the Avengers going against their most dangerous enemy, Thanos. The end credit scene reveals that she responds to the alert due to Dr. Banner (The Hulk), Natasha Romanoff ( Black Widow), and Steve Rogers (Captain America) noticing that the pager had stopped flashing her symbol. Danvers appears behind the trio questioning them as to where Fury was and then the scene ends.

All in all, this movie was much more than another superhero film with conflict and a happy ending. Captain Marvel presents many important aspects within the plot and Carol Danvers’ character. The new Marvel character is an empowering heroine who will go against anyone who threatens the safety and life of another species. Danvers also shows that no matter what someone is trying to prove, they do not have to lose themselves in the midst of it. She keeps her witty, sarcastic, and humorous persona no matter what situation she is in, thus creating this empowering image not only for females, but also males.

Due to the film being based in the 90’s the film displays the sexism often found within the Air Force and society as a whole. Danvers combats these sexist situations by continuously standing up and trying again. She proves herself time and time again that she deserves to have a place in the world at the same level as men. It is because of this aspect that makes this movie very important not just for older women, but also for the younger generations of girls looking at an empowering heroine on screen. Next to Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot, Brie Larson’s character provides a role model for girls all ages to look up to and let them know that they are strong, they are worthy, and they can do anything as long as they work hard.

Although this movie was thought to not be successful, the revenue and continuous popularity it has had contradicts the rumors previously stated. Two weeks after its opening night, Captain Marvel surpassed the 800 million dollar mark. Several cinematic sources have stated that they believe Captain Marvel will set course to pass 900 million dollars and most likely reach the one billion milestone.

This movie is continuously breaking barriers that movie critics have said it would not. Through all of the negative reviews that this movie has received well before it debuted, Captain Marvel has shined through and keeps proving harsh critics wrong. Captain Marvel has paved the way for the second installment of Marvel movies and the future of female-leading movies in the MCU.

Fans are eager to see how Carol Danvers will be helping to defeat Thanos in the upcoming Avengers film. Avengers: Endgame comes out in theaters April 26.


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