MCHS choir department presents: classics night


Anna-Lisse Lenard, Reporter

On Tuesday, March 6th, the MCHS choral department put on their annual classics night concert, showcasing the hard work and talent of all choir levels.

The choir students were directed by choral director Michelle Howisen, and accompanied by pianist Jeffery Godspeed. The groups went in order of difficulty, and each performed three different selections, including one in a foreign language

First up at the choral concert was the beginning boys and girls choir, consisting of approximately 25 singers. They sang “Why We Sing”, “Shout Hallelujah!”, and acapella “South African Suite”.

Next was concert choir. 31 girls strong, the group performed “Come Follow Me”, “She Sings…”, and a Jewish song that represents a dredyl spinning, “S’Vivion”.

Treble choral was about the size of the first group and sang “The Poet Sings”, “Order My Steps”, and Spanish song “Cantar!”.

Finally was the top group, City Singers. Their selections included a German song, “Tanzen und Springen”, “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”, and “For the Beauty of Earth”.

Both the crowd and Howisen were pleased. All groups received much applause.

“I try to give a challenge to every group to make them better singers,” she said, “They’re all very talented and I’m pleased with their performance so far.”

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