Mock exams prepare AP students

Source: Hamlet Hub

Source: Hamlet Hub

Anna-Lisse Lenard, Business Manager

This past week, students in Advanced Placements have put their knowledge to the test, literally.

Michigan City High School is known for its extensive, rigorous curriculum. From Human Geography to advanced Physics, there are opportunities for every student to challenge themselves and try to earn college credit.

The school was also nominated as one of the finalists for AP school of the year, and the classes are becoming more popular and strongly recommended.

A way the school boosts this is through their grant and incentives.

Math, science, and english AP exams are fully paid for by a grant that supports core classes. Other exams have a slight discount, but cost $85.

Students were encouraged to pass. They were gifted $100 for every AP exam they passed.

Another tool the school uses is mock AP exams. Students are put into a realistic testing site and given a full-length replica of a test. These tests are of material compiled from past content. Multiple choice is scored by Scantron while free-responses are namelessly sent to other Indiana schools for scoring. Scores and feedback are then sent back to the original school and they use this data to help improve their scores.

Mock exams were required but showed how many students are involved in AP and are signed up for the tests. For example, the AP Language and Composition mock exam had over 90 juniors in the testing environment.

Official AP testing starts in early May, and with such preparation and support from the school, students are bound to pass.

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