E-Cigarette use among teens

Eva Hauber , Reporter

Tobacco use among American high school students grew more than 38 percent from 2017 according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). More than 1 in 4 high school students and about 1 in 14 middle school students in 2018 had used a tobacco product in the past 30 days. The main reason the uses of tobacco has been increasing is because of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are the most commonly used tobacco product over actual cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookahs, etc.


The most popularly used e-cigarettes are juuls and vape’s. They are battery-operated devices that heat up liquid nicotine; the person using one then inhales the vapor that is produced. Smoking e-cigs is more discreet than smoking cigarettes, which makes it more appealing to teenagers.


The Juul has been soaring in activity among teens because it’s the most convenient of them all. The battery, which resembles a flash drive, can be recharged on a laptop or any USB. The design of the Juul also makes it more visually appealing, being a very slim and small black rectangle that can be hidden anywhere. Another thing that makes these items so popular are that there are flavors the user can smoke and taste which come in many fruity flavors, making it seem like to the users that they aren’t inhaling nicotine.


Why is this a problem? Well this sets up the younger generation and upcoming generations for nicotine addictions. Nicotine addictions can affect the way people live their lives. People with nicotine addictions tend to constantly need to fulfill their dependence on the nicotine. This means taking a “quick drag” or a “quick puff” to calm their stress. Many people have to take breaks during their jobs because they need a smoke or vape. Users become dependent on needing the nicotine and hand to mouth interaction. Teens do not know or think about the real risks of vaping or juuling. According to the National Institutes of Health, e-cigarettes are proven to be just as addicting as real cigarettes. A lot of teens think smoking e-cigarettes are not as bad as smoking real cigarettes but the reality is there is not enough research on them to know for sure. No e-cigarette on the market is approved to be better than smoking real cigarettes. Researchers still do not know the complete effect on people’s lungs or not, but the chemicals within the e-cigarettes flavorings are harmful. Some poisonous chemicals found in these flavorings include acrylonitrile, propylene oxide, crotonaldehyde, acrylamide, formaldehyde, and diacetyl. The most dangerous of those is the diacetyl, which is proven to harm the lungs. Manufacturers try to down play it by creating all of these flavors that may sound appealing to a younger generation.


For any student who may be considering getting into the e-cigarette fad: research before purchasing.


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