South Shore Brass Band helps aspiring MCHS musicians

South Shore Brass Band helps aspiring MCHS musicians

Anna-Lisse Lenard, Reporter

This last Thursday, all students in the MCHS band department got an opportunity to get outside help on their skills. The South Shore Brass Band was beneficial to many instrumentalists by both giving performance opportunities and advice on how to become better at playing.

The day started off with a concert in the auditorium. They played a wide arrange of pieces and explained each. Some were more melodic and soft while others had fast rhythms and loud dynamics. One soloist from each section had at least one solo in each song. The director gave recognition to each soloist, and even brought to light some “extinct” instruments, such as the flugelhorn and the alto horn.

After the concert, the members of the band split the class up by sections and did clinics. Through these small sessions, they were able to teach the students basics on how to care and tune their instrument, sightread, have good intonation and overall better musicians. Another helpful tool was offering resources for the students to play with other musicians outside of the program, such as the Chicago Music Conservatory, scholarships, and pushing for any performance opportunity available.

The two top groups, Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble, benefitted the most from the clinics. They will be competing for ISSMA at Mishawaka High School on Friday, April 12th. The former is going to group three while the latter is participating in group two, both playing three selections that match the difficulty of their league. They strive to earn a gold.

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