Terrorist attack in New Zealand leaves the country in shock

Eva Hauber , Reporter

Recently a horrible tragedy occurred in New Zealand. At least 50 were killed during a deadly mass shooting on March 15th. This occurred at two popular mosque’s located in the city of Christchurch; a home and time for prayer for many Muslims. The terrorist attack appeared to have been carried out by a white nationalist who posted a racist manifesto online and streamed a live video of the killings on Facebook.


The horrible live video was 17 minutes long. Within the video there is a white bald male seen listening to various songs while driving. He pans back and forth several times showing that he is equipped with semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. He pulls into the mosque parking lot and proceeds to say “Remember lads, subscribe to Pewdiepie,” and then continues to walk inside the mosque and take the lives of many innocent people.


This shooting is not only controversial in that it inflicts harm both mentally and physically on innocent Muslims, but he also used a popular social media star’s name. Before this shooting, the gunman had posted a manifesto online outlining why he was doing the shooting. His main cause for this shooting was to cause uproar in the media and a social divide in people, this is why he used a popular social media star’s name in his live video, and why he also streamed the whole shooting live. His plan was to get the media stirred up and out of control. It is sad that this is what actually occurred. The video spread all over Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and many other social media platforms. The New Zealand police have advised that the video is now banned and is not allowed to be shared; the video is now not accessible on any of the previous stated platforms. They deleted about 1.5 million copies of the video. Along with the ban of the videos, they have now banned access to the gunman’s manifesto. The media also continued to blame the shooting on not the shooter, but on other things, such as violent video games.


This tragedy has caused many changes within New Zealand. The Prime Minister said, “There will be changes to the gun laws.” They plan on regulating stricter restrictions to obtaining guns. On March 18th, only three days after the shooting, the Prime Minister banned all military style guns, mainly semiautomatic weapons, from being sold. The Prime Minister and other members of the government are concerned that there will be a political divide among their country with creating new gun laws. Like in America, there has been an on going battle for advocates of guns and people who abstain from allowing guns to be purchased.

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