NCAA March Madness

Gavin Buchanan, Reporter

The middle of March is upon us and that means that the annual NCAA boys basketball tournament is happening. This tournament is seen as one of the biggest sports events across the wide world of sports by most analysts. Teams have fought and competed all season to secure their spot in the tournament.

Teams must be at the top of their conferences or play very well in the end of the year conference tournament to solidify their shot at the title. This year there are sixty four talented teams that are competing for a chance at glory. Round after round teams compete until there are only two teams left. The National Championship game is one of the most watched sporting events of the year. A lot of people join the tradition of filling out a tournament bracket before it starts in hopes of it being perfect. Rarely is there a perfect bracket and people/companies have offered boat loads of money in the past. A person had a greater chance of getting struck by lightning than to make a perfect bracket.

People around the world also bet on these games, legally and illegally, in hopes of making a quick buck. The month of March is defined by March Madness in the sports world and the coverage on this is large. Athletes make their final push to impress NBA scouts to help their chances of making it to the league. March Madness is regarded as one of the best times of the year by most college basketball fans.

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