Engaging in self defense

Emily Gushrowski, Feature Reporter

Training in self defense helps people by increasing their confidence in their surroundings. People of all ages can take self defense training to develop the skills and confidence needed to defend themselves against a potential attacker.

Children can engage in self defense training through Martial Arts programs. This can be a fun and productive after school activity that parents can get their children involved in. The classes not only promote physical abilities to defend attackers, but expose them to other benefits of hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Martial Arts allows children to develop self confidence, self discipline, and self respect. These qualities can help children if or when they face bullying, because they are practicing all types of defense mechanisms that will have a safe and positive impact on the situation.

Women can take Martial Arts courses, R.A.D. classes, or other self defense programs to learn the survival skills. Since women are generally smaller and not as strong as men, they may automatically think that they would not be able to physically defend themselves against an attacker. Classes can help women find their strength through their capabilities and background to customize a safe, smart, and effective way to fight against their attacker. The majority of attackers are not experienced in types of Martial Arts training, so this gives women or teens the chance to become proficient in their self defense skills to have an edge over the attacker.

Self defense classes teach people that the goal is not to keep fighting the attacker, but to defend and escape the situation to run and find help. Classes can also teach people how to disarm the attacker and to avoid getting injured. Engaging in and practicing self defense mechanisms can help people to remain calm when a situation occurs. Self defense training can be the confidence booster people need as they may face danger at any point in time.

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