New abortion laws in Missouri

Tori Wilson, Reporter

There has been a lot of uproar about abortion laws around the country lately. Debates have been held about when it’s the proper time to have an abortion or if there should even be restrictions. In the past, women have fought for their rights to be able to have a choice in what they can do with their bodies. Abortions mostly happen in rape cases, considering the woman didn’t give consent, but men have started taking that privilege away.

In Missouri, governor Mike Parson, signed a bill stating an abortion would be illegal after 8 weeks. According to an article titled, Missouri Governor Signs Bill Outlawing Abortion After 8 Weeks, “The Missouri law, which will almost certainly face a legal challenge, bans abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy — a time that is often before a woman knows she is pregnant — and thereafter; the law makes no exceptions for cases of rape or incest.” Many people already have an issue with this law, and it was just approved on Friday, May 17th, 2019.

As the author stated, many women don’t know they’re pregnant until after that 8 week mark. This law is unfair in many ways to many people. This law basically states that if a woman is raped and ends up pregnant, she can’t have an abortion if she’s unprepared to have a baby and can’t support herself.

Also according to the article, Leah Boersig, board president of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri, stated “Let’s call this bill exactly what it is: a near-total ban on safe, legal abortion,” in a statement after the bill passed. She had also said the bill “robs women of the right to make deeply personal decisions about their body, life and future.”

Many women agree with Boersig. They’re being robbed of making their own personal decisions about their body. If they can’t make decisions about their body on their own, this can affect their future and the rest of their lives. Women are not objects and are human too. They have just about the same rights as men do. If they get to make their own decisions about their bodies, then why can’t women?

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