Diving head first into new waters



When I first started my college search, I wanted absolutely nothing to do with schools in Indiana. I wanted to be as far away from home so I could experience life without a crutch. Now, this thought alone, being hours away from home is not pleasant to a lot of students, and that is fine. However, for myself it was important for me to dive into an unfamiliar area with new people so I could experience life and figure out myself along the way.

I made my decision to go six hours away. Now, for a lot of those reading, that seems absolutely crazy, but for me it was like music to my ears. Do not get me wrong, thinking about moving away from home in about three months is starting to make me nervous, but I know that my new teammates and my classes will keep me company and keep me busy.

Making my decision for college was actually rather easy for me in comparison to my other friends. My first priority was that the school offered my area of study. The second was the amount I was receiving both academically and athletically was decent and would not leave me in an insufferable amount of debt. Thirdly, the school had to have a bowling program that I could see myself flourishing in.

That is the most important aspect of deciding on a college: whether or not you can see yourself growing and whether or not you can see yourself being successful there after four to five years. At Youngstown State University, I felt that it was a perfect fit as soon I walked on campus and met my future teammates. I know that choosing YSU will prove to have more pros than cons. I know I will leave YSU a better person than what I was before.

Sometimes, in order to find yourself and flourish, you need to dive in, head first, not worrying about all the “what ifs”. I am excited to start my new journey in Ohio and I know that going away will be scary at first, but like anything in life, I will adjust, and I will flourish.

I would not have been able to be where I am today without the constant support from my friends and my family. It was in my four years at MCHS that I have learned where my passion and future goals lie, and I am more than excited to get started with my future at YSU.

I look forward to translating my passion and dedication to my college endeavors. I am excited to continue my journey towards making the world a better place and leaving an impact on the people I meet.

I cannot wait until June. Megan Grams, out.

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