Theater Overview

The MCHS theater department put on two shows this year: “Urinetown” and “Nooses Off”. Both shows had a good turnout and helped the actors excel in their talent.

Urinetown was a satire about a city that suffered from a drought. In a feeble attempt to preserve water, they charge citizens to use the restroom. If they can’t pay for the right to defecate, they are sent to the mysterious “Urinetown”.

Nooses Off is behind the scenes of a run-down theater and its actors. They try to piece a failing, knock-off show together, but it ends up being a complete mess. This one was satirical as well.


Senior cast members of this year were…

Trinity Clayton

Julia Miller

Kaitlyn Saylor

Tommy Komay

Bailee Laux

Jenna Dawson

Ashlee Orman

Samarah Williams

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